Isolite 3

Product Description

The new Isolite 3 dental isolation system allows you to quickly and easily implement a standard protocol for consistent outcomes in your procedures. Achieve better visibility and moisture control, improve efficiency and clinical results, while ensuring patient safety and comfort. Faster, better and safer.

Providing unparalleled control of the oral environment through improved visibility, oral humidity control, and minimizing the chance of accidental contamination. The new Isolite 3 also offers brighter illumination in both white light and true amber, a robust head design and a smart adapter that allows you to keep your existing HVE line along with the Isolite 3.

Each Isolite 3 dental isolation system comes with: one (1) Liquidmetal® Control Base, one (1) LED Smart Stick, six (6) Vacuum Light Pipes, one (1) Power Vacuum Hose, one (1) Power Vacuum Base and one (1) Power Adapter.

Accessories Included: Cleaning Brush, Cleaning Tip, Direct to Chair Connection Cable, Accessory Connector and O-Ring Lubricant and Instructions for Use.

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