A-dec for DSO. Because reliability impacts profitability.

A-dec understands the importance of keeping your Dental Service Organization’s chairs operational and efficient, while offering the ultimate patient experience.

It all began in 1964, with the simple mission of getting it right. This vision not only helped revolutionize the world of dentistry, but created a legacy to make the best better. Today, A-dec is the world’s leading dental equipment manufacturer. We design, engineer and produce our equipment in our own state-of-the-art manufacturing and testing facilities, to ensure quality right down to the last bolt. We’ve built our reputation on creating reliable dental equipment solutions to better the lives of dentists and their patients worldwide. As a privately owned company, A-dec makes design and business decisions without a single compromise to long-term success or creative solutions—in other words, no compromise. Reliability is in fact one of the important reasons that more schools and governments around the world have continually chosen A-dec for nearly 50 years.

So, when you’re researching dental equipment, consider reliability, maintenance, downtime, parts availability and lead times—all factors that contribute to the total cost of ownership. And then ask yourself if you are looking for the lowest price or the best long-term value. The answer can have a significant financial impact on your organization. We are committed to serving the unique needs of the DSO market, with DSO exclusive pricing and customization on reliable A-dec equipment, setting the practices up for exceptional patient care, efficiency and improved ROI.

For more information about A-dec, call 1.800.547.1883 or email DSOcustomerservice@a-dec.com. Our DSO team is here to support you.

Company Representative

John Bettencourt
Special Markets Manager

Tel. 651.249.8877