Great Expressions Closes One Door and Opens Another

Great Expressions Dental Centers added 23 new offices in 2015 and expects to add 30 more locations in 2016.  To accommodate this expansion, GEDC is moving out of its 15,000 square foot HQ in Bloomfield Hills, MI location.  Great Expressions will be relocating 7 1/2 miles south of Bloomfield Hills to Southfield, MI.

Taking up residence in the Onyx Building, Great Expressions will have the ability to expand its practice management support center, as well as have an in-house training center.  The new HQ will have approximately 30,000 square feet.   Richard Beckman, CEO of Great Expressions, said the building will accommodate the addition of nearly 100 employees to handle the company’s growth as they expand into new markets.

Great Expressions will also be closing it’s Norcross, GA practice support center which houses 125 employees.  The company will be consolidating these practice support services in the newer Onyx HQ.  Some of the 125 employees will be relocated to other practice locations in the Atlanta area.

Great Expressions currently manages 250 practices in ten states.

Source: Press Release, Crain’s Detroit



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  1. Franklin Lackee | February 10, 2016 at 7:36 am |

    Corporate dentistry is ruining our profession. I have a great expressions a stones throw away from my practice. I don’t take alot of insurances so from time to time people leave because I don’t take their insurance and 99% of the time the ones that leave and go there end up back on my doorstep within a year because they realize it’s an assembly line. There will always always always be a place for a quality, family oriented, well run solo practitioner. I appreciate how well that corporation runs their business, and I have learned some business skills from them. But from what I’ve seen, my patients have a name, they aren’t patient 2090 of 10000. Not trying to bash them, just telling you what I’ve seen from one man’s eyes.

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