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Group Dentistry Now (GDN) and JoinDSO are independently owned and are not owned, operated by, or affiliated with any DSO or DSO-related organization or association. Unless otherwise noted, websites referenced herein that are outside the www. groupdentistrynow.com domain are not associated with GDN or JoinDSO. Opinions expressed are those of GDN. The material is provided for informational purposes only and should not be viewed as investment, tax, legal or other advice.

GroupDentistryNow is a multimedia company dedicated to the DSO / Group Practice dental market.  Our audience includes Dental Support Organizations, large and small dental group practices, dentists, hygienists, office managers and business leaders in the world of group dentistry.

Founded in New York City in 2014, Group Dentistry Now is committed to providing relevant news, education, products and services to Dental Support Organizations and dental group practices.

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