Testimonials From GDN’s Advertisers and Subscribers

“I have been an avid reader of GDN since 2015. It is my go-to DSO news source for group dentistry and DSO news, education and events.” 
– Dmitry Burshteyn Founder/CEO, Perfect Dental Management

“I’ve reviewed our site’s analytics, and GDN has been our main referral source, which we greatly appreciate!”
-Russ Allen, Digital Marketing Manager, Mortenson Dental Partners

“Thanks for all the great GDN content. I really look forward to reading everything GDN shares. In the rapidly evolving world of group dentistry, it’s hard to find useful and up-to-date information.   We appreciate and highly value the information that GDN provides to help us stay in the know about advances our industry.  Thank you!!” 
– Kent McBride, DDS, CDO, Meridian Dental Solutions

“GDN really brings a great value in helping me keep up with whats going on in the DSO world. Thanks!”
-Vic Hennegan, Director of Sales, Patient Prism, LLC

“I enjoy reading your insight into the DSO world. I have learned a lot in a short period of time. Keep sharing……it is appreciated! I encourage everybody involved in the dental industry to give it a solid read!”  – Scott Borden, New Customer Development Specialist, Nobel Biocare