Last Chance for Dental Group Practice Owners to Register for the DEO Fall Summit: “Should I Build, Sell, or Partner?” on November 1-3 in Dallas, TX

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The dental industry is changing rapidly and many multi-location emerging group owners are asking themselves:

  • Should I grow by building multiple locations myself?
  • Should I sell my practices?
  • Or should I partner with a larger DSO?”

So DEO’s 2018 Fall Summit will answer those questions and bring clarity around growth options for emerging group owners by bringing experts together who have built, sold, or partnered for group success.

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The DEO (Dentist Entrepreneur Organization) is excited to announce that its 2018 Fall Summit: “Should I Build, Sell, or Partner?” will be held November 1-3 in Dallas, TX.

We’ve invited some of the leading experts in the managed Group Practices and DSO space to share their expertise with you. These dynamic experts will lead exciting presentations centered around giving you more clarity when it comes to your options.

By the end of the event you’ll know: 

  • Your Options for Growth: Should You Build or Grow Your Own Large Group? Maybe Partner with Larger DSOs? Or Sell Your Practice(s)? Which Path is Right for You?
  • Pitfalls To Avoid and Steps To Success of Those Before You
  • Real Stories from Dentists Who Have Partnered, Sold, or Built Their Own Group
  • The Stories and Strategies of Leaders and Future Leaders in the Dental Industry (and the Chance to Network with Them)

Instead, hear successful speakers cover topics like:

  • Heartland Dental and Emerging Group Dentistry by Patrick Bauer
  • Partnering with & Selling To Larger DSOs by Ken Cooper & Dr. Andrew Matta
  • Group Dentistry State of the Union: Past Trends and Future Outlook by Karan Garg
  • Partnering with & Selling To Specialty DSOs by Scotte Hudsmith
  • Selling and Partnering with Progressive DSO Models by Dr. Chris Steven Villanueva
  • Partnering with & Selling To Regional DSOs by Dr. A.J. Acierno
  • New Changes in Group Dentistry Business Models by Brian Colao
  • Lessons from Partnering with Private Equity by Dr. Jeromy Dixson

And learn:

  • How Larger Groups and DSOs Think about Growth and Scaling
  • Advice They Would Give Dentists with 1-20 Locations
  • How To Compensate, Train, and Motivate Associates
  • How To Ensure Consistent Culture and Systems across Dozens or Hundreds of Locations
  • Plus, Get Your Questions Answered!

We invite you to learn your options and discover the right path for you and your practice(s).

This fall we’ll also have 3 special panels featuring top experts: 

Panel #1: Lessons from Dentist Entrepreneurs Who’ve Built a DSO

Hear stories from dentist entrepreneurs who are currently building their own DSOs. Some questions you’ll discover:

  • How have you gone about building your DSO?
  • Why have you chose to build your DSO rather than sell or partner?
  • What is your thought process around growth?
  • What strategies are you currently using to grow?
  • What is your exit plan?
  • What do you see for the future of dentistry?

Panel #2: Lessons from Dentist Entrepreneurs Who’ve Sold and Exited

Hear stories of dentist entrepreneurs who decided to sell their multiple locations groups to larger buyers and exited their businesses completely. Some questions you’ll discover:

  • What was the sales process like?
  • What drove you to decide to sell your business?  
  • How did your sale affect your employees, family, and you?
  • What is life like post sale?
  • Where do you see the future of exits?
  • What do you see for the future of dentistry?

Panel #3: Lessons from Dentist Entrepreneurs Who’ve Partnered with Larger DSOs

Hear stories of dentist entrepreneurs who decided to partner and affiliate their multiple locations groups with larger DSOs, staying on board and continuing growth.  Some questions you’ll discover:

  • How did you engage a larger DSO?
  • What was the partnering process like?
  • What drove you to decide to partner your business?  
  • How did your affiliation affect your associates, employees, family, and you?
  • What do you see for the future of dentistry?

Fairmont Dallas in Dallas, TX

See more speakers, presentation topics, and the agenda here.


Registration closes October 31.

Register today for the 2018 DEO Fall Summit: Should I Build, Sell, or Partner?


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